How to use a Rollerball

Roller balls are small 10ml sized bottles and are a handy way to use Aromatherapy on the go. Choose your blend and you can use it discreetly if needs be.  Use it as a perfume oil so you will have the benefit of a beautiful aroma that is helping you too.

It is safe to use the oils as often as is needed.  If for example, you are using the oil to help with pain, roll on the painful area, lightly every 15 minutes until symptoms subside. Be consistent! The more you use your oils (daily) the better they will work!

The best places to apply the essential oils are on your pulse points because these are areas where the blood vessels are close to the skin.

Bottom of your feet – These parts of your body have larger pores. Thus, it is easier for them to absorb essential oils and release the benefits into a person’s bloodstream. 

Behind your ears – The skin found behind your ears is more absorbent. Additionally, there is also a pressure point there. It is the mastoid point, which can help alleviate headaches, low energy, and migraine.

Temples – Most of the time, you see people massage their temples when they have a bad headache. Doing this helps since it is also a pulse point. For a faster result, you can try applying the essential oil roller there. 

Wrists – Our wrists are the first that comes to mind when referring to pulse points. Applying on your inner wrist can help your body absorb the essential oils quicker.

Aside from these pulse points, you can also apply the essential oil roller on different parts of your body where you are experiencing issues. 



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