All of my products are handmade in my studio in Co Dublin, Ireland and I create all the blends myself. The oils I use in my products are an original Butterfly Dawn Aromatherapy© blend. I have researched the oils, their properties and make sure the blend of the oils together in the finished product work well together and are suitable for the product they are designed for. 

Here you will find products to help you physically and emotionally.  I also have a range of organic skincare products to help heal skin conditions and improve the appearance of your skin.

I only use organic ingredients in each item and I pride myself on the fact that all products are free from synthetic preservatives, sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS), parabens or any form of alcohol. The only scent is from my Essential Oils.  Each product has been safety tested and have been certified as safe to sell in the EU and every product including my organic skincare range is cruelty free and vegan friendly.