Coping with Grief

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grief blogThe grief arising from bereavement is one of the most devastating, negative emotions a person has to deal with. It is a strong, overwhelming, emotional pain that will stay with you spiritually for a lifetime.

Aromatherapy can certainly play a part in helping to release the stress and tension of bereavement and keep the mind balanced during the period of intense sorrow.

Essential oils will not take the pain away but they can help you to work through the pain and move on with your life, naturally soothe your mind and help relieve yourself from the adverse effects of grief and depression.

Grief comes in several forms. It can be the effects from loss of a loved one, bereavement, relationship troubles, or even the loss of a job. Aromatherapy can relieve the stress and pain from all of these sources. Using essential oils in aromatherapy can help you battle these emotions and remove your feelings of anxiety and loss of control.

The number one oil I would recommend to help deal with grief is Rose. Rose is a great healing oil. It heals despair, soothes grief and shock, releases traumatic energy, and serves as a source of deep and comforting self-love. Blended with some of the “woody” oils, sandalwood or cedarwood, this blend can be used in your bath, in a massage oil, in a diffuser or oil burner, in a spray in your house or in a roller oil on your pulse points for when that overwhelming sense of loss rears its head.

Although feelings of loss and grief cannot be entirely removed, essential oils in aromatherapy will increase your mood and balance your emotions to help you deal with the issues and overcome the depression that accompanies grief.


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