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Do you suffer with Dry Skin? Your skin doesn't have to be flaky to be dry. It can also feel "tight". 

The surface of dry skin will appear dry as if the glands just beneath the surface do not produce enough of the natural lubricant, sebum, which protects the skin from extremes of cold and heat, wind and other environmental factors. This type of skin is usually of a fine appearance and unfortunately, it can age more rapidly than oily or balanced skin. 

To help keep your skin soft and moisturised, you must do several things. 

  • Protect it as much as possible from the elements, tough in Ireland I know with 4 seasons in one day! 
  • Help prevent moisture loss by applying a good product to your skin. Make sure you use something that will help "lock" in the moisture. 
  • Also, remember to drink plenty of liquids. Something a lot of us are guilty of not doing! The best thing to drink? Water. I know water can be hard to drink, but it really is the best!


Once the skin is dry and chapped, you will really need to protect it from further damage and help heal and encourage the growth of new skin cells.  

As dry skin is often very delicate and sensitive, gentle oils are recommended. Some of the best essential oils to use for dry skin are Chamomile, Geranium, Neroli, Lavender, Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood. I would only use a maximum of 3 essential oils in a product for the face, 2 if I think it is enough.

My Hydro Boost for Dry Skin products contain Jasmine, Lavender and Neroli and a blend of carrier oils that are great for skin care. Jasmine is a beautiful oil to use in skin care and is particularly good for skin that is dry and sensitive. Lavender works for many skin conditions including dry skin and eczema.  Neroli stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells and can rejuvenate dry skin. 

 Dry Skin


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