Aromatherapy and Migraine Relief

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Aromatherapy for Migraine

Everyone has suffered from a headache at some stage in their lives.  Migraines, however, are on a completely different pain scale.  Essential oils can work to prevent a migraine attack and help with the pain and nausea if you are suffering.  Using aromatherapy has the potential to alleviate the pain of a migraine, allowing you to continue going about your day.

Apart from the obvious symptom of pain, which can occur on one side of the head or on both, other symptoms of migraines include nausea and vomiting, feeling lethargic, having a sensitivity to light and sound and blurred vision.

Aromatherapy is a great way to relieve some if not all of the symptoms of migraine.  If you can bear to touch your head, lightly massage oils like Lavender, Marjoram, Peppermint, Black Pepper or Clary Sage into your temples and across the forehead.  You can also use the oils on the back of your neck as they can help to increase the flow of blood to the head. 

Lavender is a pain-relieving oil that is also a de-stresser so if your migraine has been caused by stress, lavender can help you relax and reduce feelings of stress.  Marjoram is great for any nervous tension and again is a de-stresser.  Peppermint eases the pain from a migraine. It is cooling and increases blood flow. Black Pepper has warming anti inflammatory properties and Clary Sage diminishes and relieves pain. 

I can make up bespoke Roller Oils with some of the oils mentioned above or a different blend to suit you.  The oils we choose will have oils in it to help you prevent migraine and alleviate the pain of one if it hits.  The oils are blended in a carrier mix of Olive Oil and Castor Oil, both pain relievers too.

If you are pregnant, please check with me about what oils would suit you as some of the oils above shouldn't be used when pregnant, however, there are different oils that would be safe for you to use that would have similar properties.



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