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Menopause 1It's inevitable... so why not be prepared with a range of natural products to help you through the menopause. Some essential oils are great for helping you along this "journey" like Basil, Sage, Cypress, Fennel, Geranium, Jasmine, Rose and Clary Sage which contain oestrogen hormone like component and can be quite helpful during menopause. 

When these essential oils are used along with Lemon or Peppermint, they can help in relieving hot flushes too. Lavender is great to help balance your hormones. Lavender can also promote feelings of relaxation and help improve the quality of your sleep. During this time, insomnia and other sleep-related problems are common.

Other quite common symptoms are night sweats, hot flushes, water retention and bloating, dry skin, thinning hair, stress related headaches, weight gain, sleep problems, loss of sex drive, irritability, depression and fatigue... aren't we a lucky bunch!!! There are a lot of symptoms of Menopause and PeriMenopause, but there are also a lot of natural solutions.

P.S. I also recommend the following oils if your libido has dropped or ran away... 

 ✦ Peppermint ✦ Rosemary ✦ Rose ✦ Thyme ✦ Ylang Ylang


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