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  1. The sun has made an appearance recently and along with it came the dreaded pollen watch! If you suffer with hayfever, Spring and Summer can be a time of suffering.  Hayfever is an allergic reaction to various airborne substances and it can affect people in different ways. However, common symptoms are:

    • Blocked or Runny Nose
    • Sneezing
    • Itchy eyes
    • Itchy throat mouth and nose and ears
    • Loss of smell


    Aromatherapy can help ease the symptoms of Hayfever as unfortunately, there is no cure for it.

  2. Anxiety and Aromatherapy:

    Using aromatherapy and essential oils when suffering from anxiety can help you relax, reduce stress and help you to sleep at night.  Anxiety is on the rise due to our hectic lifestyles and pressure in work and school.  It can give rise to many symptoms including migraine, insomnia, digestion problems, overactive mind and palpitations only being some of them. There are many oils to use to help reduce these feelings, many of them sedative oils, so relaxing and calming.