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Ease stress and relieve anxiety with Aromatherapy

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Anxiety Tip

Anxiety and Aromatherapy:

Using aromatherapy and essential oils when suffering from anxiety can help you relax, reduce stress and help you to sleep at night.  Anxiety is on the rise due to our hectic lifestyles and pressure in work and school.  It can give rise to many symptoms including migraine, insomnia, digestion problems, overactive mind and palpitations only being some of them. There are many oils to use to help reduce these feelings, many of them sedative oils, so relaxing and calming.

I have a range of oils that I use, recommend and work, but if you are with me for a consultation or treatment, you may choose something completely different, but it will be an oil that will resonate with you and you need.

Aromatherapy works well with other techniques to help reduce anxiety, such as meditation, relaxing breathing exercises and yoga.

How oils help with Anxiety:

Aromatherapy has proven to be especially helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.  It has been shown to lower heart and breathing rates, blood pressure and restore hormonal balance.

You can use Aromatherapy in various ways to help you reduce anxiety. Oils can be massaged into the body either by a professional therapist or even by yourself at home provided the oils are diluted in a carrier, or they can be inhaled through a room spray, roller oil or a blend for use in your oil burner or room diffuser.

The oils work by triggering the olfactory senses (sense of smell) which are linked to our brains, sending a message to release some feel good hormones, such as endorphins.

Recommended Oils for Anxiety:

Bergamot – Bergamot is a great oil to help with mental and psychological states.  It can be described as uplifting, which it is, but it is also relaxing.  It is recommended for use on people suffering from tension, anxiety and depression.  Contraindications is it is phototoxic for 48 hours

Chamomile – Chamomile has a profound calming effect on emotional issues.  Contraindications are pregnancy

Frankincense – Frankincense is the most valuable essential oil for slowing and deepening the breathing, helping to allay fear, anxiety, nervous tension and stress. It is a gentle oil which is particularly useful for emotional problems. No contraindications

Lavender – Lavender is a balancing oil, great to use if your emotions are unbalanced and your moods are up and down. Contraindications are pregnancy

Orange – Orange oil is a good oil to combat insomnia, which can be one of the symptoms associated with anxiety.  It has anti-depressant qualities and will promote positive thinking and cheerful feelings.  Also very good for anyone who is feeling lethargic or over tired. Contraindications is it is phototoxic for 48 hours

Rose – Rose is a gentle but powerful antidepressant. It allays anxiety and is generally nurturing. It also lessens anxiety and grief and strengthens the inner spirit. Contraindications are pregnancy

Ylang Ylang – Ylang Ylang is important to help slow down rapid breathing and help treats anxiety, anger, shock and fear.  Heady, do not over use


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