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Best Essential Oils for Sleep

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Essential Oils for Sleep:sleep blog

Using Essential Oils can support healthy sleep for the whole family.  With everyday stresses, sometimes falling into a restful sleep at night can seem impossible.  With the right blend of oils and the right method to use them, you will be able to relax at night, switch everything off and drift off in a pleasant slumber.

I have a few oils that I would recommend and use regularly on clients, some are obvious, like Lavender and Chamomile, but some may surprise you……

How oils help with sleeplessness:

Sleep is as essential to your health as food and water, lack of sleep can play havoc with your immune system, opening you up to coughs, colds and flu.  If you haven’t had a good nights sleep, you can feel stressed, lose concentration easily, be less alert which can be hazardous when driving, gain weight, and it can even age your skin.

Essential Oils have a variety of health benefits, but there are a few that are well-known to help you sleep better.  You can use these oil blends in various ways to help you sleep at night. Oils can be massaged into the body either by a professional therapist or even by yourself at home provided the oils are diluted in a carrier, or they can be inhaled through a room spray sprayed in your bedroom and on your bed linen before you go to bed, a roller oil on the soles of your feet or a blend for use in your oil burner or room diffuser before sleep.

I have a Sleep Tight Spray that you can purchase here,, a Drift Off Rollerball or fill out this form for your own personal blend:-

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