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Top Oils for Pain Relief

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Pain ReliefAromatherapy, a form of therapy that uses scents and essential oils from plant extracts to relieve the body of discomfort and pain, has been used for thousands of years across many cultures and countries.

Different types of aromatherapy have been used throughout history to manage both acute and chronic pain for centuries. Different types of aromatherapy are integrated in different ways.

How you treat chronic pain will vary from how you treat acute pain and oils are used for different ailments.

If you are looking for pain management and don’t want to contaminate your body with chemicals, aromatherapy may be just the outlet that you are looking for. You can find my Aroma-Soothe Massage oil in my website shop. This is great to use on larger areas of pain. If it's a migraine or headache you are suffering from and would like relief, try the Rollerball version,

If you would like your own personal blend formulated, you can fill out this form here

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