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Best Essential oils for Energy and Motivation

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Focus TipDo you find yourself lacking motivation at times? Your brain becomes foggy and you get forgetful? It’s not just an age thing (oh please don't tell me it's my age!!)  It's probably having too much on your mind, trying to plan and organise yourself and a family or maybe just getting back into a routine after a holiday or even a relaxing weekend can have you becoming unfocussed and lethargic.


Try some motivational boosting essential oils to get you back on track!  Of course, they work for everything else, why not use them to focus your mind?

Essential oils can give you energy making you feel revitalised. As a result, you will be more productive, more enthusiastic, and more motivated to successfully get through the day.

So what oils are going to help you?

I swear by citrus oils to help boost your energy levels and helping you focus. 

Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon.. are 3 great oils to work with. 

  • Grapefruit Oil is refreshing and reviving, helping to alleviate stress, exhaustion and tension. It is surprisingly an anti depressant, non sedative and mentally enlivening. Using this oil will lift any tiredness and boost your energy levels. However, overuse of this oil on the skin may irritate very sensitive skin. Please ask a qualified aromatherapist to make you a product containing Grapefruit Oil as they will use the correct dilution.


  • Orange Oil is very good for anyone who is feeling lethargic or over tired as it can help combat insomnia. It is especially cheering in Winter, carrying a warming and sunny aroma. This oil is phototoxic, so if you are using it on your skin, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a minimum of 24 hours after using. 


  • Lemon Oil can help dispel sluggishness and indecision, giving you a kick up the bum! If you are feeling mentally exhausted, Lemon Oil will clear your head. It  will also defend the body against exhaustion stimulating the body’s system.  Overuse of this oil on the skin may irritate very sensitive skin. It is also phototoxic, so if you are using it on your skin, avoid exposure to direct sunlight for a minimum of 24 hours after using.


  • Lavender Oil is also great to keep you feeling motivated, I know.. you’re thinking Lavender.. but that’s great for helping me sleep!  It is a relaxing oil but it also has properties in it to help you feel motivated and to get rid of self doubt and stress that you can’t do it. Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy. 


  • Peppermint oil is a stimulating oil that will help boost your energy levels when you are too tired to put on those gym clothes or running/walking shoes.  If you exercise in the morning, this will put a pep in your step.  It also helps colds and flu especially at the onset of a cold and can combat chilly and depressed feelings that can come with being ill. Can irritate sensitive skin.


  • Rosemary Oil works by helping you concentrate and focus on your goals.  It will clear your head and maintain your focus.  However, if you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy, do not use Rosemary Oil.


Try using a blend of these oils in a diffuser or room spray to help invigorate your senses.  You can also use them in a rollerball throughout the day when you are out and about. Try my Vitality Rollerball,

I can also make you up a custom made blend to suit your specific needs. Just fill out this form,


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