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Neroli Essential Oil

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Neroli OilDid you know that Neroli is derived from the flowers of the Bitter Orange and takes its name from that of an Italian princess who used it as her favourite perfume!

Neroli is the best choice to treat anxiety and other problems of an emotional or psychological nature.  It calms and soothes nerves before major events.  It is excellent for any kind of stress or tension, over-excitement, anxiety, shock or fears.

Neroli is calming and uplifting, especially for those who are easily agitated, emotionally unstable or insecure and it eases the intensity of strong emotions.  Neroli is often associated with the qualities of innocence and purity and it inspires creativity.  Neroli is a useful aid to meditation and facilitates spiritual healing, it also helps sufferers of insomnia.

Neroli is also used in skincare as it stimulates the growth of healthy new cells, rejuvenating the look of mature skin. It is excellent for all skin types but especially mature, dry and sensitive skin and can even be used on very sensitive skin. 

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