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Lavender benefitsOk.. when you think of Lavender oil what is your initial thought? It’s good for helping you relax and sleep are the most common answer to that and yes, that’s correct, but did you also know that Lavender was a healing oil?

Lavender can help treat pain. It is antispasmodic and relaxes muscles and eases tension.  It has amazing antiseptic properties that heal conditions such as acne or sunburn. Its painkilling properties make it excellent to use if you suffer with migraine or headache. It can also help ease period pain and blended with Chamomile oil can help relieve PMS in the days leading up to your period.

It is a natural skin tonic and helps to balance oil production and prevent scarring.  As it speeds up the healing process, it can be used for eczema and psoriasis too. If you have a skin condition that is aggravated by stress, Lavender helps to deal with stress and anxiety.

It can also be used for emotional conditions, so if you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or panicked using Lavender blended with Ylang Ylang or Grapefruit, can help ease these feelings and help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Then there are the other ways that Lavender helps, it’s good for first aid on bites, stings and burns.  It can help with respiratory conditions such as coughs, colds and chest infections. It’s good for relieving nausea too! It really is a great all rounder oil.

And of course, it’s a great oil to help you sleep at night. Blend it with Chamomile oil for an effective, natural remedy.

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