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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

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Ylang Ylang OilThere are many benefits to Ylang Ylang oil. It can help to release inhibitions and bring out fiery passion.

Ylang Ylang is particularly suited to women and helps them find their inner femininity, confidence and sensuality. It can also help emotional problems such as irritability and fear and is effective against introversion and shyness.

While its calming properties are its most powerful, Ylang-Ylang oil is also used to soothe headaches, nausea and skin conditions. Ylang Ylang can help with shock, it helps to slow down over-rapid breathing and can reduce the feeling of fight or flight.

Ylang ylang can reduce anxiety and boost your mood and your self-esteem. It helps to reduce depression and alleviate anxiety. By inhaling the aroma of ylang ylang essential oil it helps increase feelings of calmness.

Ylang Ylang is also used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation so can be used for muscle tension, sinus pain and headaches.

It is also known to help relieve insomnia so using in a bath at night is recommended.

Ylang ylang essential oil can be applied to the skin in the form of a body oil or cream. It is suited to oily skin. It has a beautiful aroma that is said to be in the perfume Chanel No. 5.

It can also be added to baths for a nice relaxing and sensual experience. Using it in a roller oil can help cope with anxiety and panic discreetly, just like using a perfume.

Ylang ylang essential oil also can be in a room spray or a diffuser.

Over use of Ylang Ylang oil can cause headaches as the scent can become sickly, so make sure you consult a qualified aromatherapist when getting a blend made so the appropriate dilution is used.

Ylang Ylang is an excellent oil for panic attack, emotional trauma, stress and anxiety. Using it correctly will make a significant difference to how you feel. It blends wonderfully with lemon, bergamot and lavender.

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