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  1. Essential Oils for Digestion

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    If you suffer from digestive upset, indigestion, IBS, stomach upset, painful gas, essential oils may provide some relief.
    Indigestion can be helped by a gentle massage over the stomach with a soothing blend of oils. You can also use the oils in a hot compress on the stomach. Blend the oils in a carrier and put a towel or cloth in warm water, then put the oils on the warm towel and apply to the stomach. Renew the oils and warm the towel/cloth as often as needed.

    If you are suffering from IBS, a blend of Orange oil and Patchouli oil in a carrier and massaged onto the stomach is great to help regulate IBS.

    Massage the stomach lightly in the direction of the colon.

  2. Essential Oils for Arthritis

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    Arthritis and Essential Oilsarthritis

    Essential oils can be used to treat arthritis symptoms. 

    You can massage diluted essential oil to the affected area lightly. Make sure the oils you use are blended in a carrier oil or a cream before using directly on your skin.

    Aromatherapy treatment for arthritis aims to improve joint movement and eliminate pain and swelling.  Depending on the type and severity of your arthritis, you may experience a number of physical symptoms. These can include:

    • pain
    • stiffness
    • tenderness
    • swelling
    • fatigue


  3. Top Oils for Pain Relief

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    Pain ReliefAromatherapy, a form of therapy that uses scents and essential oils from plant extracts to relieve the body of discomfort and pain, has been used for thousands of years across many cultures and countries.

    Different types of aromatherapy have been used throughout history to manage both acute and chronic pain for centuries. Different types of aromatherapy are integrated in different ways.

    How you treat chronic pain will vary from how you treat acute pain and oils are used for different ailments.

  4. Essential Oils for Headaches and Migraines

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    migraine blogHeadaches are common.  They may be due to a wide variety of causes and stress, tension, anxiety, allergies, sinusitis, eye strain, hormones can be some of the triggers. Migraines, however, are on a completely different pain scale.

    Essential oils can work to prevent a migraine attack and help with the pain and nausea if you are suffering.  Using aromatherapy has the potential to alleviate the pain of a migraine, allowing you to continue going about your day.