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  1. Anxiety TipAnxiety and Aromatherapy:

    Using aromatherapy and essential oils when suffering from anxiety can help you relax, reduce stress and help you to sleep at night.  Anxiety is on the rise due to our hectic lifestyles and pressure in work and school.  It can give rise to many symptoms including migraine, insomnia, digestion problems, overactive mind and palpitations only being some of them. There are many oils to use to help reduce these feelings, many of them sedative oils, so relaxing and calming.

  2. migraine blogHeadaches are common.  They may be due to a wide variety of causes and stress, tension, anxiety, allergies, sinusitis, eye strain, hormones can be some of the triggers. Migraines, however, are on a completely different pain scale.

    Essential oils can work to prevent a migraine attack and help with the pain and nausea if you are suffering.  Using aromatherapy has the potential to alleviate the pain of a migraine, allowing you to continue going about your day.

  3. aromaEssential oils are a precious gift from Nature. They are very concentrated and powerful and are greatly diluted before use in aromatherapy.

    Essential oils are rarely used in their original, concentrated form but are always taken into the body via a carrier substance. This can be anything which takes the oils into the body, air, water, vegetable oils, lotions and creams are all carriers.