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  1. Aromatherapy and Insomnia:sleep blog

    Using Essential Oils can support healthy sleep for the whole family.  With everyday stresses, sometimes falling into a restful sleep at night can seem impossible.  With the right blend of oils and the right method to use them, you will be able to relax at night, switch everything off and drift off in a pleasant slumber.

    I have a few oils that I would recommend and use regularly on clients, some are obvious, like Lavender and Chamomile, but some may surprise you……

  2. Focus TipDo you find yourself lacking motivation at times? Your brain becomes foggy and you get forgetful? It’s not just an age thing (oh please don't tell me it's my age!!)  It's probably having too much on your mind, trying to plan and organise yourself and a family or maybe just getting back into a routine after a holiday or even a relaxing weekend can have you becoming unfocussed and lethargic.